Update #4
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Update #4

Finally picking up some momentum!
Update #4

Last week was pretty eventful. Made lots of progress, on different fronts.

We've managed to get ourselves a spot in a promotional event.

There's a fitness studio in Delhi called Studio Ekko. These guys do awesome events, besides their already interesting programming of fitness classes. On weekends they host a couple of F&B brands, and we'll be one of them on Saturday the 17th. On average, they receive a footfall of 150-200 people. Their studio is part of a complex, with multiple attractions. Ekko being just one. So we'll have access to much more than just Ekko's audience.

Now there are a couple of reasons I'm very excited about this event. A) All the brands they host are the ones I look up to. Like Atmosphere Kombucha, Windgreen Farms, etc. B) Regulars at Ekko are people we're assuming to be our target audience. So this is when we finally make these people taste our brews and get their feedback. Whatever their feedback might be, we'll know where our product stands.

We're going to be serving free cold-brew coffee on tap!

I visited Abhishek at his new coffee bar Shack Coffee Co.

Abhishek is building Shack to be a coffee bar, and then a quick-service cafe. He's doing all this with minimal funding(his own), no prior experience, and a fresh perspective. He's also roasting, sourcing, and brewing his own coffee. We also happen to have the same roasting machine.

I had been planning to visit him for a bit. He was a gracious host. We chatted about bootstrapped businesses, marketing & branding in the coffee space, discussed business philosophies and exchanged some notes on roasting coffee. For hours over several cups of coffee.

Also, here are some pictures of our brewery/studio. Everything is still very barebones, as it should be.

Lots of work still needs to be done. Lots of new stuff is on its way. It's a constant work-in-progress. But we've got a massive space, with a lot of potentials. I'm very excited to see how the space evolves, as we grow.

On a daily basis, there's this urge in the back of my mind. The urge to speed up all this progress. I find asking myself at the end of the day, what more could I have done today? What more progress could I have made?

This is one constant struggle for me. I try to remind myself: journey before destination.

Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't.

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