Update #3 - Onwards
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Update #3 - Onwards

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last update.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last update. We’re almost ready for our first production batch. Until now it was all sampling in smaller quantities. A big part of this will be kept for shelf life testing and other things. But the remaining chunk will be sampled and handed out.

So this will be the first time when the product gets to interact with the real market. Thinking about this makes me equally excited and nervous.

Last week, we had to design the final labels for our cans. Initially, I wanted to do it myself, just like everything else. The urge to nail it, and do everything right was strong again. I kept looking at well-established beverage brands, their packaging being so on-point, looking all professional and perfect. But then I had to remind myself of the time and changes it took them to get here.

Now well aware of my inability to design the labels, we had to get a designer on board. This was challenging of course. First to find a competent person, one we might be able to work with. And then to give them control.

We’re waiting for the first draft from the designer, as I write this. There’s a strict image and vision that I have and would want to stick with. Now what this person will deliver is unknown. Anticipating the result and being anxious won't help. I will have to just wait.

Two weeks before this was a little competition, the Aeropress Championship.

This happens every year. And people show up to brew coffee on a piece of equipment called the Aeropress. There are judges and several rounds.

Now specialty coffee in India is still very community-centric. And this is a community event. It’s a great place to meet fellow entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and people from the industry.

It’s been a while since my last project. And I was a little nervous about showing my latest project to these people. But the thing is you can’t work in a vacuum. Especially when you’re creating products for people.

So I decided I’ll share my progress. And it turned out just fine. More than fine actually. I walked away with a lot of suggestions and a couple of solid leads.

Hope you enjoyed this update. I want to write more often. The goal is to make this a weekly thing.

Until next time,