Update #1 - The Start of a New Journey
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Update #1 - The Start of a New Journey

Even before I got into the specialty coffee industry in India, through Wobh Filters. I thought how cool coffee roasters were. They are the pillars building the culture here. I've wanted to be one of them for a long time. And I finally got my chance.

A couple weeks back, I ordered my roasting machine. It's a 1KG Aillio Bullet coffee roaster. And it arrived last week.

So we set it up nice and proper.

Some greens were procured from coffee estates in India. A lot of reading was done. (It's still going on.) I've already roasted north of 10 batches. Starting to get some idea of how to approach coffee roasting.

It only seems fair now to record this journey from the start. This and some other things I'm upto.

So every week from now, I'm going to give a small update.